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Ask the distressing questions and take action.

It is not about getting out of a comfort zone. As individuals or businesses, we are seldom 100% comfortable with where we stand as a society. It is about building a new zone. To create a new space to think and take action, think beyond, and move forward. 

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The RFI was founded in 2019. Through applied research projects and academic lectures, it contributes to research into the development and implementation of innovations to promote sustainability in the fashion industry and participates in publicly available education and training initiatives.

In pursuit of this purpose, the company carries out research projects itself or have them carried out by third parties. It may also conduct courses, lectures, seminars, scientific colloquia, symposia and conferences itself or have them conducted by third parties.

The RFI leads concrete project work and, in addition, strives for interdisciplinary cooperations with other institutions.

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What we do

We raise
the distressing

From women empowerment to inclusivity, diversity, equality, and ecology, the Responsive Fashion Institute is aiming at educating, training, discussing global and local issues to raise awareness about the challenges we are facing in the fashion industry and bring solutions to the table to overcome them.

We prototype, commercialize and promote experimental innovative, future oriented and sustainable technologies for local and global issues within the fashion industry, following the code of ethics of the UN SGD’s-

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