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The Responsive Fashion Institute transforms fashion companies into digital, more sustainable brands through innovation.

( What we do — RF ● C )

Our field of intervention

We are a highly qualified team passionate about digital fashion, coding, data and researchers in the field of sustainability. We enable ambitious projects, disruptive ideas to see the light through the spectrum of ecology, and socially sustainable aspirations.
We are developing solutions to change the way we think, talk, and produce fashion thanks to digital solutions, notably XR Technologies, Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning.

Blockchain Technology

Digital Fashion

Machine Learning

XR Technologies

( Service — RF ● C )

We offer

[ 1 ]

Development of future forecasting, innovative & sustainable strategies for fashion brands

[ 2 ]

Consultancy to implement digital strategies for fashion brands with the use of Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology

[ 3 ]

Digital Fashion Agency, providing XR design solutions to enter the Fashion Metaverse

How does it work

We supply a traditional fashion company the tools to transform their brand into a sustainable, future-proofed business. This will be done by analysing the current state of the company (products, supply chain & business structure) through the facilitationof workshops with methods like Fashion Hacktivism, Speculative- & Human Centred Design. The outcomes will be collected and manifested in a report and road-map for the company. Then digitals tools will be introduced, implemented and monitored aspart of the transformative sustainable process.

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Do you want to enter the Fashion Metaverse? You are on the verge of launching a digital fashion brand? Or are you an established fashion company ready for the digital transformation? We would love to hear about you.

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